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ABC Life Matters: Are a child’s ‘middle years’ more important than we thought?

Lisa talks to ABC Radio National's Life Matters program about the importance of the middle years

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Screen time: how much is too much?

Dr Lisa Mundy and other experts discuss the benefits and downsides of screen time with Woolworths

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SBS News: Bullying Rife in Australian Primary Schools

A report compiled by CATS shows that bullying is affecting the learning outcomes and emotional health of primary school students.

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Medical Xpress: Bullying impacts on primary students’ learning ability

Primary school students who are being bullied and/or experiencing emotional difficulties are falling behind at school.

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Channel 9 News: Children as young as eight affected by poor body image

Channel 9 reports on the latest CATS research, highlighting that children as young as eight years old are unsatisfied with their bodies.

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Channel 7 News: Children as young as 8 are battling poor body image

Hear Dr Libby Hughes and some CATS participants talk about poor perceptions of body image in young children.

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The Age: Poor body image starts to develop as young as eight

The Age reports on recent research out of CATS, showing that body image pressures begin as young as eight years old.

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ABC Breakfast Radio Perth: Preventing bullying in the future

Dr Lisa Mundy speaks to Peter Bell & Paula Kruger about using recent CATS research to prevent bullying in the future. *Link unavailable*

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Mornings with Jon Faine: Friends and mental health

Dr Lisa Mundy speaks with Jon Faine about how having a group of friends can protect the mental health of a bullied child.


Many research projects like CATS publish study findings in scholarly journals, and let's be honest, they include a lot of big words and difficult terms that we just don't understand sometimes! That's why we have created a simple summary of one of our recent publications, 'diet quality and mental health problems in late childhood', so everyone can understand what CATS is learning.

This publication uses findings from the CATS study to look at the associations between diet quality and mental health problems during childhood.

For the full publication -
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We have received more than 30% of completed CATS Student Questionnaires for 2019!! Thank you and keep them coming! ... See MoreSee Less

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The Royal Children's Hospital, Melbourne
Did you know the most common age for a child first travelling without a booster seat is seven years old? Most children are not tall enough to safely sit without a booster seat until they are around 11 years old.

Before you move your child out of a booster seat and into an adult seatbelt only, make sure they measure up!

Share this short 60 second video with your friends and family to help us spread this important message.

For more information visit: and to download our height measure activity please visit:
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Exercise Right Week (20-26th May) begins today! This initiative aims to motivate Australians to move more!

Q. How much exercise should children aged 5-18 years do?
A. The Australian guidelines recommend at least 1 hour of moderate to vigorous physical activity every day and at least 3 days a week of activities that strengthen muscle and bones.

In 2014, 65% of CATS participants said they played a team sport. We can’t wait to receive all our 2019 student questionnaires to see how numbers have changed surrounding participant’s physical activity 5 years on.

Exercise Right
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Let's work together to grow a mentally healthy generation! ✊😃

The 'Be You' initiative is here to promote good mental health among children, young people and educators. With online training, resources and strategies, this initiative is easily accessible and has a great range of evidence-based knowledge (some from the CATS study!)

Headspace CEO Jason Trethowan said, "It is crucial that school communities have access to services, support and advice. The aim of Be You is to strengthen the mental health literacy, resilience, self-care and help-seeking of every member of Australian school communities and Australian early childhood settings."

Developed by Beyond Blue in partnership with Early Childhood Australia and headspace.
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