Meet The Team

The CATS team is based at the Murdoch Children's Research Institute, in the Population Health Studies of Adolescents group, at the Royal Children's Hospital. The team is led by Professor George Patton and Dr Lisa Mundy.

To get in touch with one of our team members, please send an email to or call (03) 9345 6732. We'd love to hear from you!

Are you a student looking for a project or supervision? Prof Patton and Dr Mundy are available for student supervision and can be contacted directly.

Lisa completed a PhD in Developmental Psychology in the UK. Since then, she has been working at MCRI as a Research Fellow and Project Manager. Lisa has lots of experience working on longitudinal studies both in the UK and Australia. She really enjoys seeing how children grow up over the years. Lisa is particularly interested in understanding what we can do to help make childhood and adolescence a happy and positive time for all children.

Professor George Patton is a medically qualified epidemiologist with a clinical background in child and adolescent psychiatry. He is a National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) Senior Principal Research Fellow. His research is based at the Population Health Studies of Adolescents group at the Murdoch Children's Research Institute. He has been extensively involved in both child and adolescent mental health research and global adolescent health work. He has been a consultant around research to the World Health Organisation (WHO), United Nations Population Division and UNICEF. He has previously coordinated two special series on adolescent health for the Lancet and is currently Chair of the 'Lancet Commission on Adolescent Health and Wellbeing'.

  • Elissa Phillips
  • Project Coordinator

Elissa has been at the Murdoch Children's since 2010. Her main interests are in nutrition and health promotion. While at the MCRI, Elissa has worked on a range of projects with children aged from 6-8 weeks to 17 years. She is particularly interested in maternal and child health, and how early life predicts health during adolescence. Elissa loves working with the CATS team to learn more about how CATS students transition through adolescence.

  • Paul Hockey
  • Project Officer

Paul has a Bachelor of Science with Honours in Psychology and his main interests are in child and adolescent development and forensic psychology. He leads the development of our study databases and looks forward to catching up with our CATS participants every year.

  • Hanafi Mohamad Husin
  • Data Analyst

Hanafi is a recent Masters of Biostatistics graduate from The University of Melbourne. He is particularly interested in analysing longitudinal data in the health and biomedical field. He has joined the CATS team to assist with data analysis for government reports.

  • Louise Canterford
  • Data Analyst

Louise has completed a Master of Biostatistics - she really enjoys working with numbers! Having worked at Murdoch Children's for the past 10 years, she has a lot of experience analysing longitudinal data. She is excited to help senior investigators discover more about puberty and the transition from childhood to adolescence.

  • Ruth Beatson
  • Research Officer

Ruth completed a PhD in Social Psychology at La Trobe University. She began working at MCRI in 2010 and has contributed to a range of projects evaluating interventions to improve child health, education, and psychosocial development outcomes. Ruth has recently joined the CATS team to assist with projects exploring adolescent experiences of the COVID-19 pandemic and ways to support students in the transition to secondary school.

  • Eleanor Holloway
  • Course Placement Student

Eleanor is currently studying a Bachelor of Communications (Media) at RMIT University. She is most interested in the creative processes behind CATS social media and website communications.

  • Ivy Craw
  • Project Assistant

Ivy is studying economics and diversity studies at LaTrobe University. At MCRI, she has worked on the Healthy Parents Healthy Kids Study and is looking forward to joining the CATS team! Ivy really enjoys working with young people and is excited to learn more about how they develop in the transition from childhood to adolescence.

  • Kate Coffey
  • Project Assistant

Kate has a Bachelor of Science with Honours in Psychology. She enjoys research and engaging young people, with a particular interest in youth mental health. Working with participants both over the phones and behind the scenes, Kate has joined the CATS team as a Project Assistant and is excited to be part of the team!

  • Kate Shanahan
  • Course Placement Student

Kate is currently completing her final year of studying a Bachelor of Public Health & Health Promotion. She has recently joined the CATS team as part of her health practicum and has enjoyed working and learning alongside an enthusiastic team with like-minded individuals. Kate has a particular interest in research and learning more about the transition from childhood through to adolescence.

  • Paige Farrow
  • Project Assistant

Paige has recently completed her Bachelor of Science with Honours in Psychology and is particularly interested in how early life experiences shape development. She is really excited to be working with young people to better understand the determinants of a healthy childhood to adolescence transition.

Investigators & Reference Group

Investigators remove

A number of experts in child and adolescent health help to inform the study.

Prof Louisa DegenhardtUniversity of New South Wales
Prof John CarlinMurdoch Children's Research Institute
Prof Susan SawyerMurdoch Children's Research Institute, the Royal Children's Hospital, and the University of Melbourne
Dr Rohan BorschmannMurdoch Children's Research Institute and the University of Melbourne
Prof Nicholas AllenUniversity of Oregon, USA
Prof Russell VinerUniversity College London, Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children, UK
Dr Emily StockingsUniversity of New South Wales
A/Prof Felice JackaDeakin University
Dr Frances RiceCardiff University, UK
Dr Jenny ProimosThe Royal Children's Hospital
Dr Julian SimmonsUniversity of Melbourne
Prof Martha HickeyUniversity of Melbourne
A/Prof Sarah WhittleUniversity of Melbourne
Prof Melissa WakeMurdoch Children's Research Institute and the University of Auckland
Prof Timothy OldsUniversity of South Australia

Reference Group remove

The Reference Group was set up in 2012. It is made up of community members such as teachers and principals, as well as representatives from the research and education sectors. The purpose is to discuss and refine study procedures, and assist with the translation of study outcomes.

Prof John HattieMelbourne Graduate School of Education, MGSE
Kris Arcaro Victorian Department of Education and Training, DET
Cathy Henbest Catholic Education Melbourne, CEM
Janice Boarder Independent Schools Victoria, ISV
Sally Karlovic Principal at North Melbourne Primary School
Don Kirk Teacher at Caulfield Junior College
Dr Sara Glover Mitchell Institute
Jim Rimmer VicHealth
Andrea Krelle Centre for Adolescent Health, CAH